Accessing a site from within Windows 2012 server throws 401 unauthorized error (by displaying the Windows Prompt repeatedly)

Too often when we want to try accessing a website hosted in IIS in Windows Server 2012 configured under Windows Authentication, from within the server, we are repeatedly presented with the "Windows Prompt" even after providing the correct credentials.  Per Microsoft, this behavior is per design and to access the site we had to perform the below modification in the Registry:

  1. Run "Regedit"
  2. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> Lsa -> MSV1_0
  3. Look for a key named "BackConnectionHostNames".  If it doesnt exist then create a new one, by right-clicking onthe empty space and choose New -> Multi-String Value and provide the name as "BackConnectionHostNames"
  4. Now add the name of the site (FQDN address), example
  5. Click Ok.

Now if you try accessing the site, it will load without prompting for credentials.  For more information on this topic visit,

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