Binding Multiple Interfaces using Ninject in ASP.NET MVC4

This post is in continuation to the earlier post on NInject and assumes that the reader has knowledge about NInject and DI concepts.  For those, who stumbled upon this link accidentally, read my previous blog about using NInject with ASP.NET MVC4 to get a better idea about NInject.

NInject  3.0 offers a fluent syntax that helps to bind multiple interfaces with a concrete implementation.

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Using NInject with MVC4 – Step-By-Step

Dependency Injection – an Introduction
I have always been a big fan of using DI and NInject has been my favorite Dependency Injection tool because of the ease and flexibility it offers for integrating it with any project/solution.  (Note:  Other DI tools that are worth considering for .net applications are Structure Map, Castle Windsor and Unity).  However, this blog is aimed at helping novice users to configure NInject with ASP.NET MVC4 and get started with using DI to achieve Separation Of Concerns (SOC).

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