Creating a New Web Performance and Load Testing Project using VS 2013 – Part 3

In continuation to the previous post, we will look into the steps involved in creating a new “Web Performance and Load Testing” project.

(Note: Before you continue with the post, please make sure that you have downloaded and installed the Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate edition as the “Web Performance and Load Testing Project” is available only in Ultimate edition. You can download the Trial edition from this link –

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Introduction to Performance and Load Testing using Visual Studio 2013 “Web Performance Tests” – Part 1


The new Visual Studio 2013 comes packed with a “Web Performance and Load Test Project” to perform load testing on websites which earlier required installation of specialized tools (such as LoadRunner for high end major projects, or use of Apache Bench, httpperf, OpenLoad etc., that can be used for targeted load testing against small projects).  The new “Web Performance Test” available in Visual Studio 2013 can be compared to the “stelwarts” such as LoadRunner (except for the flexiblility in terms of supporting a wide variety of scripting languages), but it does offer some cool features that are worth considering, especially the huge cost associated with the “virtual user” licensing adopted by “LoadRunner”.

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