Into to the (New) IIS Worker Process Feature

What is IIS Worker Process?

IIS Worker processes are spawned by WAS (Windows Process Activation Service) and executed by W3wp.exe.  The concept of Worker Process was introduced in IIS 6.0 which helps to physically isolate applications during execution and achieve true process isolation.  In other words,  every ASP.NET Application when hosted in IIS will be loaded into a Worker Process (when the first request is received), at which point the Application_Start event is fired in Global.asax to handle custom logic relating to application initialization.

How are Worker Processes controlled and managed?

Worker Processes are controlled through the settings defined in the Application Pool, Web.Config, Machine.Config and through "appcmd" command line utility. Even though most of the times we leave majority of the settings unchanged, when facing issues related to performance, security etc., one would need to dive deep to modify the settings appropriately to maintain application health in the long run.

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