SharePoint 2013 Compatibility with IE 11. (Calendar throwing SCRIPT5009 , SEC7111 errors).

When users access SharePoint 2013 site using IE 11, they often are haunted by the following errors:

SharePoint 2013 calendar SCRIPT5009 and SEC7111 errors

  1. SCRIPT5009: ‘HighlightText’ is undefined
  2. SEC7111: HTTP security is compromised by (null)

In addition, you may also see that the “Edit Page” doesn’t render the page in Edit mode, etc.,

However if you try the same URL in chrome it works fine, which is an irony that the opposite would have been understandable!!!

The issue is due to SharePoint 2013’s incompatibility with IE 11, which can be fixed by performing the following:

GoTo IE 11->Tools->Compatibility View Settings -> “Add your site host name”

The above hack would ensure that the site when rendered uses the IE 10 mode (i.e., run in compatibility mode).

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PowerShell to Upgrade Classic Windows Based SharePoint site to Claims Based Authentication (SharePoint 2013)

During upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to 2013, when we execute the TEST-SPCONTENTDATABASE command, we run into the below exception that says :

"The <Web site> web application is configured with claims authentication mode however the content database you are trying to attach is intended to be used against a windows classic authentication mode.  There is an inconsistency between the authentication mode of target web application and the source web application.  Ensure that the authentication mode setting in upgraded web application is the same as what you had in previous SharePoint 2010 web application…."

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Embedding a Tableau View into SharePoint 2010

This article is an outcome of the research that we did for one of our clients, where we evaluated the options to embed/render Tableau reports in SharePoint 2010/2013.  Even though there were some help content available in Tableau, they were all scattered and any one new to the subject would be required to spend sometime to identify the options before embracing SharePoint as a delivery mechanism for rendering Tableau Views.

In short, Tableau reports can be rendered in SharePoint in the following ways:

  1. Using TableauEmbeddedView WebPart
  2. Using Page Viewer web part (available in Media and Content categories) and providing the URL to the view name in the Tableau report.
  3. Using Tableau JavaScript API’s and inducing the IFrame into a HTML page.

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Adding a Code-Behind for SharePoint 2010 Master Page using Visual Studio 2012

Too often we land in scenarios, where we require the flexibility to handle common logic in SharePoint  that requires wiring a code behind for the SharePoint 2010 MasterPage, which is never a straightforward and easy step to perform.

In this article, let’s look at the steps to add a code-behind file to a SharePont 2010 MasterPage, using the SharePoint templates available in Visual Studio 2012 IDE.

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Show / Hide SharePoint 2010 Ribbon based on Permissions / Privileges

A very common requirement in SharePoint 2010 is to hide the Ribbon control when exposing the site for external users.  It can be easily achieved by using the below code in the master page.  Open the SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer and navigate to  _catalogs/masterpage/v4.master.   Since I am using the V4 master as the default for my site, I can include the below code to hide the ribbon control from being visible to external users who doesn’t possess the “AddAndCustomizePages, ManageLists” permission.

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