Orchard Setup errors on MY SQL.

When I tried to setup Orchard CMS using MY SQL 5.7 as the back end, was haunted by the below errors relating to Indexes:

1)create index `IDX_AutoroutePartRecord_DisplayAlias` on `Orchard_Autoroute_AutoroutePartRecord` (DisplayAlias)

2)create index `IDX_RecipeStepResultRecord_ExecutionId_StepName` on `Orchard_Recipes_RecipeStepResultRecord` (ExecutionId, StepName)

3)create index `IDX_MediaPartRecord_FolderPath` on `Orchard_MediaLibrary_MediaPartRecord` (FolderPath) "

To solve the errors, had to change the script as below :  (since per MY SQL, BLOBS and TEXT columns can be indexed, but a prefix length must be given http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/create-index.html)

1) create index `IDX_AutoroutePartRecord_DisplayAlias` on `Orchard_Autoroute_AutoroutePartRecord` (DisplayAlias(10))

2) create index `IDX_RecipeStepResultRecord_ExecutionId_StepName` on `Orchard_Recipes_RecipeStepResultRecord` (ExecutionId(10), StepName(10))

3)create index `IDX_MediaPartRecord_FolderPath` on `Orchard_MediaLibrary_MediaPartRecord` (FolderPath(10))


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