Create ASP.NET Core WebSite with Angular (4.0 Version).

This post is just a reference point (collation of links to other great posts), to help folks who are new to the arena, looking for ways to develop a  Single Page Application (SPA) using ASP.NET Core Web Application with Angular (4.0) as the front end development framework.

These SPA templates use the JavaScript Services functionality to embed NodeJS within ASP.NET Core on the server, and compile the JavaScript applications server-side as part of the .NET build process.

The below are the list of options that one can leverage for creating a new ASP.NET Core based SPA application :

Option 1

If you are looking for a ready-to-develop SPA with all bells and whistles put together, then try the below template from Mark PiesZak.  It has all the required packages pre-configured and supports SEO optimization and by far the best template available for development with ASP.NET CORE + ANGULALR 4.0.  (If any one has a better template/link, please do share just so I can update the post accordingly)

Just download the code from git and follow the instructions on the site to get started!

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