Office 365 ProPlus – Demystifying the Myths.

Folks who have been tracking Microsoft’s RoadMap Vision for the “Office 365 online” would surely be surprised to see a host of new services (or should I say Jargons) getting added to the bandwagon on a regular basis.  For the sake of those who missed to notice them, here are a few.  Even though I had put them as bullets they do not necessarily mean additional products/services added to the Office arsenal, but some are just added features to make better user experience and achieve more productivity. For instance, the Office graph’s machine learning ability to influence how search results are displayed in Office 365 etc.,

Out of the above list of new rollouts to the Office 365 suite, “Office ProPlus” is an item that should certainly be looked into seriously, as its a paradigm shift from the normal mode of Installing, configuring and maintaining on-premises office applications and certainly is aimed at bridging the gap between the desktop office applications and the cloud based Office 365 solution suite.

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