SharePoint 2013 Compatibility with IE 11. (Calendar throwing SCRIPT5009 , SEC7111 errors).

When users access SharePoint 2013 site using IE 11, they often are haunted by the following errors:

SharePoint 2013 calendar SCRIPT5009 and SEC7111 errors

  1. SCRIPT5009: ‘HighlightText’ is undefined
  2. SEC7111: HTTP security is compromised by (null)

In addition, you may also see that the “Edit Page” doesn’t render the page in Edit mode, etc.,

However if you try the same URL in chrome it works fine, which is an irony that the opposite would have been understandable!!!

The issue is due to SharePoint 2013’s incompatibility with IE 11, which can be fixed by performing the following:

GoTo IE 11->Tools->Compatibility View¬†Settings -> “Add your site host name”

The above hack would ensure that the site when rendered uses the IE 10 mode (i.e., run in compatibility mode).

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Retain user permission when migrating from Classic mode (SharePoint 2010 ) to Claims Authentication (SharePoint 2013)

The following is the Powershell command to help migrate a site from SharePoint 2010 Classic Authentication to SharePoint 2013 Claims mode along with Retaining the site Permissions defined for users.

Convert-SPWebApplication -Identity “Your Site URL” -To Claims -RetainPermissions

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