Cloud Data Storage Options – Windows Azure.

Windows Azure offers a variety of data storage options that can be put to use by subscribing to the PaaS (Platform as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure  as a Service) model, depending on the nature of the application.  With the introduction of NoSQL database, there is a paradigm shift in designing or re-architecting database oriented applications where one has to perform an in-depth analysis before adopting a relational or NoSql model (after weighing in the advantages offered by one over the other).

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Preventing CSRF attacks in ASP.NET Web API calls.

In spite of securing the assets of a web application using folder permissions and SSL for secure transmitting of data over the wire, ASP.NET MVC applications using Web API’s are very much vulnerable to CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) attacks that permits malicious code to inject data by invoking the Web API actions resulting in serious consequences.

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Store source code without Nuget Packages in Source Control

Off late with the wide adoption of Nuget packages, it seems to be driving everyone crazy on how they can manage these packages by not storing them in the source control as they too often¬†bloat the storage space with DLL’s, config files etc.,

So, the simple question is Will I be able to store only the code and configuration files to Source Control but let Visual Studio download Nuget packages automatically when trying to setup the source code on a new developer’s machine?

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